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Our Story

Our history is contained in those three words: Made in Africa. Because it is in Africa, on this effervescent continent, that we have made the bet of a production that is committed, of the utmost quality and sustainable.

Why? By pure conviction, it’s that simple. And because we also like a challenge. The challenge of creating “beauty” where it is not expected, and the desire to change the rules with an optimistic fashion label.

So, if it’s true that we are not promising you to save the world, we are proud of each INADEN piece crafted in Africa. Our only promise to you is to craft the best possible products as long as you take us wherever you go.

And for us, that’s already a lot!

Our Ethos & Values

INADEN is an overseas workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s orange – avocado smoothies, careful hands, the smell of leather, quickpeals of laughter and a bit of magic. INADEN means handy and straightforward bags and accessories; companions crafted with the greatest attention to detail and ready to follow you wherever you go.

Handmade & Natural leathers

Because each object is carefully crafted by our attentive hands.Because the different materials’ properties give a unique cachet to each piece. This results in small natural foibles to be loved for their unique character.

Objects that accompany you

Because beyond the taste of the day, we prefer the idea of creating true companions. Clear lines that play with beautiful materials, that is how we imagine our casual chic essentials that will accompany you with pleasure season after season.

‘Beauty’ that is accessible

Our collections do not have the pretension to carry out a fashion revolution. Our sole ambition is to craft objects of quality with the utmost care that are affordable, and that you will want to take with you wherever you go.


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