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Presentation of Cécile&Jeanne

From the outset, Jeanne imagine and draw jewelry. Passionate and spontaneous woman, she draws her inspiration from many meetings and glimpses of places during trips… She enjoys working on the edge, innovate, bringing opposites: her jewelry embody a fragile and precious balance wherein chiaroscuro mixes associations bold and sharp colors.

His ambition is vast and yet simple, it’s to beautify women, “all brilliant and yet so different,” bring to their day a touch of light and color, as an amulet in a good mood… Discover news Cecile and Jeanne, each time it is to have the same feeling as when tasting a strawberry or apricot for the first time this year: an explosion of flavor, taste and color, a powerful evocation of travel and sensations…

Jeanne also created a line of beautiful Italian leather bags, in the spirit “happy” jewelry collections: energizing colors, fine stitching details. Bags and Jeanne Cécile are companions every day. They have a sweet masculine first name (Felix, Victor, Daniel and Alex for the most known …) or sometimes feminine (Grace and Elizabeth for newcomers).

Portrait of Jeanne

Jane founded Cecile et Jeanne with her brother Elie, she is the sole designer of the brand’s collection. Her inspiration arises from daily encounters, glimpses of scenery, and nature in its simplicity. Her work calls for experimentation with unexpected combinations of colors and materials: mixtures of metals, glass pearls, resins, leathers, coatings, and fabrics of various styles and finishes. Jane arduously seeks out the perfection of shape, volume and detail until the piece meets her satisfaction.

Jane’s diverse taste gives way to numerous collections and models that are made for women of all styles. Jane’s pieces; bright, joyous and comfortable as they are, infuse women with life and energy, and allow women to interchange them to fit their current moods and desires. With each new collection Jane wants to share her emotions and communicate her intentions. While bringing fantasy to women, Jane’s ambition is to contribute to a little bit of each woman’s happiness.

Jane picked the dove as he symbol not only because of its universal meaning but also because it embodies energy, enthusiasm and the free spirited dream that women have within.

The dove emblem


  • 1990 The great adventure starts: Jane and Elie create Cécile et Jeanne
  • 1994 First gamble, the first Cécile et Jeanne boutique located at 12 Francs Bourgeois street in the heart of the historical quarter of “Le Marais” in Paris.
  • 1996 Cécile et Jeanne is chosen by the city of Paris to start a boutique in the “Viaduc des Art”, the prestigious show case of French artisanal work, 49 Dausmesnil Avenue in the 12th district of Paris
  • 1999 Jane and Elie are awarded the “Nef d’Or” for their entrepreneurial work.
  • 2000 The adventure continues on the other side of the Atlantic; the first store opens its doors in the USA. At the same time, not so far away from where they started Cécile et Jeanne participates to the Universal Exposition of Hanover.
  • 2001 The Cécile et Jeanne pieces are chosen to be in the French musical “Romeo and Juliette”
  • 2002 A new chapter in Cécile et Jeanne’s history : The launching of the solid silver collections.
  • 2003 Birth of Elliel, the Cecile et Jeanne cologne.
  • 2004 Cécile et Jeanne take on a new challenge: to find women their ideal partner. They find success fast as Joseph, Felix, Victor, Elie and many more seduce women everywhere as they fall for the leather handbag collections.
  • 2005 Cécile et Jeanne celebrates its opening of its boutiques in major French Airports.
  • 2009 The Cécile et Jeanne jewelries are exposed at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City for the “Read my Pins” exposition dedicated to the jewelry pieces of the secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
  • 2010 Cécile et Jeanne celebrates its 20 years Anniversary !
  • 2011 Launch of PROJECT Cécile et Jeanne qthat will last more than 2 years of research: a collection of bracelets, which will tell the stories of all the women, emotions, love and…
  • 2012 Just before the passage of Sante Claus, a dream come true: a shop Place des Vosges, with another selection wherein Jane and Elie open one of their wardrobe : shoes, accessories, watches…
  • 2013 In the famous rue St Honoré, Cécile et Jeanne opens a new shop to discover the collections of Jane in a beautiful place of stone and wood , nearby from the Louvre and the French Comedy. In the same year, Cécile et Jeanne open bar jewelry that allows every woman to live, the unique experience of creating her own jewelry dreamed, starting from an existing model Cécile et Jeanne, such as a personal inspiration. In parallel, the dove Cécile et Jeanne flew over Japan.
  • 2014 Launch Instagram Cécile et Jeanne on Social Networks. Partner and supports the EREEL foundation, whose first action is to support women with breast cancer. New shop, new city Cécile et Jeanne with an opening in Tel Aviv, on the Place Kikar Hamedina.
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